Emblem 2 from Pandora

A castellated tower rises out of a hexagonal basin set upon a base. From the left a crowd of six people approach. A lion rears up in front of them. From the right another crowd of six persons, are led by a man with a sword, who is cutting off the legs of a lion. In the air above this is a snake. On the left side of the basin lies a man, while on the right a Pelican rises up and pecks at its breast. On the tower that rises out of the basin are two symbols - two birds forming a circle ouroboros, by seizing each others tails, and above this two birds flying upwards separately. Four long necked flasks, are upended and pour their contents into the basin. From the top of the castle tower grow forth 4 branches, into which two birds fly, and two small flask are upended. High above in the air on the left are seven flask and seven more in the right, and a flock of birds seem to be carrying them upwards. To the left of the tower, six flasks are upended in the air, and below them are nine stars, while to the right, six more upended flasks are seen the air.