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The first Magnum Opus edition was published on the 20th of April 1979 (Magical Calendar). During the 1980s I issued up to Number 23 (Kabbalistic Diagrams 1987). There was then a ten year break through the 1990s when I was involved in research for the BPH, and I returned to publishing with Number 24 (Fludd Divine Numbers) in 1997, continuing up till the present day with number 42. Nineteen of the editions are now out of print with a couple more down to the last few copies. Most of the editions were of 250 copies and consequently when they went out of print their prices on the second-hand book market rose sharply. Many of the regular collectors of the series have come late to my books, so missed out on the earlier titles from the 1980s, or else had to pay high prices to book dealers to acquire them.
I have always held back some copies for my personal collection. The Magnum Opus books were all bound by hand and as I am now approaching a time (probably in the next five years or so) when I will no longer be able to do the bookbinding I have decided to begin to sell off some of my personal collection. I have struggled to find a way to do this that is easy for me and fair to my faithful customers. I could just put them up on Amazon, ABEBooks, or some similar system, but these necessitate an extremely high price in order to cover the large fees these systems apply to sellers. I am now minded to sell these directly to people who have supported me faithfully through the years, however, there are some problems with this. I have only a very few copies to sell. If I were to sell these to the first responders to an email, this would be unfair to those in a different time zone from myself, who would be able to get a head start on the others. I have decided that the best way would be to set up auctions for individual books. These would run for a few days to allow people to place a bid. I would set a minimum price then let buyers decide what they think the item is worth in a blind auction.
These auctions will limited to those on this special mailing list, which will be composed of people who have bought items from me before, otherwise I risk the situation of malicious individuals disrupting things by placing bids with no intention to buy.

To join this special mailing list you must have already bought items from me. Send an email request to this address Please use a stable email address without a spam blocker, as this will be the only way I can contact you.

I would expect to set up the first auction in June or July 2012.
I hope this will enable some of my regular customers to fill the blanks in their collection without having to pay very high prices on the second-hand market.

Some sample prices of copies for sale on ABEBooks on 2 May 2012.

No.1. The Magical Calendar 1979
No.2. The Mosaical Philosophy - Cabala of Robert Fludd 1980    £200 £123
No.3. The Crowning of Nature 1980    £371 £162
No.4. The Rosicrucian Emblems of Cramer 1980    £180 £144 £111
No.5. Hermetic Garden of Stolcius 1980    £252
No.6. The Rosary of the Philosophers 1981    £378
No.7. Amphitheatre Engravings of Khunrath 1981    £222
No.8. Splendor solis 1981
No.9. The Key of Boehme 1981    £162
No.10. The Revelation of Revelations 1981    £180
No.11. Commentary on the Mutus liber 1981
No.12. Steganographia of Trithemius 1982
No.13. Fludd - Origin and Structure of Cosmos 1982 No.14. Goethe's Fairy Tale    1982 £108
No.15. Treatise on Angel Magic 1982    £234
No.16. The Paradoxical Emblems of Freher 1983    £180 £167
No.17. Heptarchia Mystica of John Dee 1983
No.18. Commentary on Chymical Wedding 1984    £212 £162 £133
No.19. Alchemical Engravings of Mylius 1984    £222 £216
No.20. Dee - Five books of Mystical Exercises 1985
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