1144 John HEYDON.
El havareuna or the English Physitian's Tutor In the Astrobolismes of Mettals Rosie Cruican, Miraculous Saphiric Medicines of the Sun and Moon, the Astrolasmes of Saturne, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Zazel, Hismael, Barzabel, Sorah, Kedemel, Taphthartharath, and Hosmodai: All Harmoniously united and opperated by Astromancy and Geomancy, in so easie a method that a fine Lady may practise and Compleat incredible extraordinary Telesmes ( and read her Gallants devises without disturbing her fancy) and cure all Diseases in yong or old. Whereunto is added, Psonthonphanchia For information and satisfaction of the world, the Books being also an Appeal to the Natural faculties of the mind of man, whether there be not a God. By John Heydon, Gent. (Philthuomos) A Servant of God, and Secretary of Nature.
8 London, Printed for William Gilbertson 1665
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