Alchemical and Hermetic Emblems 241-260
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A241. Engraving of cubic stone from Maurisches Handbuch Leipzig, 1829.

A242. Engraving of cubic stone from Maurisches Handbuch Leipzig, 1829.

A243. Engraving from J.F. Henkel Unterricht von der Mineralogie Dresden, 1747.

A244. Woodcut from Libavius Syntagma selectorum Frankfurt, 1611.

A245. Engraving from Malachias Geiger Microcosmus hypochondriacus, Munich, 1651.

A246. Engraving from Barchusen Elementa chemiae Leiden, 1718.

A247. Engraving from Barchusen Elementa chemiae Leiden, 1718.

A248. Engraving on title page of Basil Valentine Revelation des mysteres Paris, 1668

A249. Engraving from J.J. Becher Actorum laboratorii chymici Monacensis Frankfurt, 1669.

A250. Illustration from August Strindberg Inferno Berlin 1898

A251*. Woodcut from Ashmole Theatrum Chemicum Britaanicum, London, 1652.


A253. Woodcut title page from Biringuccio De la Pirotechnia, 1540.

A254. Engraving from Dorn, Gerhardt Aurora, Basel, 1577.

A255*. From Athanasius Kircher Mundus Subterraneus, Amsterdam, 1665.

A256*. Unknown original included in Albert Poisson Theories et Symboles de Alchimistes, Paris, 1891.

A257. Engraving 16th century, Amsterdam.

A258. Engraving from Athanasius Kircher, Musurgia universalis, 1650.

A259.Frontispiece emblematic portrait engraving of J. Baptista della Porta.

A260.Woodcut of distillation from Michael Puff von Schrick, Augsburg, 1478.

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