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Emblematic imagery - 18th Century Frontispiece engravings
Many books, during the 17th and 18th centuries, adopted a frontispiece engraving opposite the letterpress title page. This could be tipped into the letterpress book after printing and was less expensive and time consuming than printing an engraving on the title page. Often these frontispieces symbolically summarised the contents of the book.
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Tractatus chymicus 1721

Maldiny 1726

Sonnenglanz 1728

Sonnenglanz 1728

Cohausen - Helmontius 1731

Drebbel 1732

Ercker, 1736

Keil - Philosophische 1736

Toeltius 1737

Physica subterranea 1738

Vanderbeeg 1739

Fictuld Probier-Stein 1740

Hermetical Triumph 1740

Fictuld Triumph-Bogen 1741

Kiessling, 1741

Siebmacher 1743

Jugel Unterredung 1743

Jugel Vier elementen 1744