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Astronomical and astrological art - Large format fine art prints

Early astronomical and astrological books and manuscripts were often illustrated with engaging depictions of the cosmos. These are mostly in the form of woodcuts or engravings and are often very difficult for the modern eye to fully appreciate. Adam McLean has studied this material for forty years and has made these images accessible again by subtly colouring them in the style of original manuscript watercoloured figures. This enables us to see these alchemical images as artworks relevant to our modern age.
Here are a number of images now being supplied in the form of A2 (24 by 16.5 inch) fine art giclée signed prints which are printed by the artist himself.
The prints each cost £40 or $65 (plus postage).

Prints ASTRO 1 -6  Prints ASTRO 7 -12    Prints ASTRO 13 -18

ASTRO 01. The famous engraving of Kepler's
envisaging of the planetary spheres each set
within one of the Platonic solids.

ASTRO 02. God and his angels preside
over the cosmic spheres - late 15th
century woodcut.

ASTRO 03. God gazes down on the
planetary spheres, the zodiacal signs and the
astrological houses - 15th century woodcut.

ASTRO 04. Atlas bears the world
and the cosmos on his shoulders - from a
16th century English woodcut.

ASTRO 05. The seven planets with their
associated symbols, within the four winds.
- 15th century astrological woodcut.

ASTRO 06. The divine world of God and his
angels, emanate the cosmic spheres and the Earth
globe - 17th century alchemical engraving.